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How to save the vision in the office

Over the past decade, the production process has changed dramatically. Now many workers are struggling to overtax the sight of the monitors. To preserve visual acuity until old age, you should follow some simple rules.
There are many external factors that are harmful for the eyesight. The list can be supplemented indefinitely. The main harmful factors can be ranked as:
1. Regular many hours sitting at a computer display or a TV.
2. Ignorance of the conditions of safe reading.
3. The ultraviolet radiation.
4.  Unbalanced diet.
5. The influence of the polluted environment.
6. Constant stress.
7. The mental strain.
8. Insufficient good lighting.
9. Self-treatment or wrong treatment of diseases of the eye.
10. Improper selection of contact lenses or glasses.

This is an incomplete list of causes of visual impairment. We will look at point # 1.
Many workers are forced every day to monitor the markets, not owning simple rules save the view. Knowing and adhering to these basic rules, you can significantly reduce visual load.
1. The display should be placed at a distance of outstretched hands. In the process, you need to blink more often. Blinking an excellent way to relax the eyes, moisturizing eye the cornea, preventing it from drying out.
2. To reduce eye strain is to follow the 20/20/20 rule. Twenty minutes after working behind the monitor, move the sight to the object, located on a twenty meter distance, and looking at it for twenty seconds.
3. Charging for enhancing the view. The rotation of the eyes, the eyes left/right and up/down with closed or open eyes will help to preserve visual acuity. It is also possible to blink vigorously for fifteen to twenty seconds. You should regularly perform these simple exercises, taking a comfortable position on a couch or chair.
Protect your eyesight! It’s a priceless gift.

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