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Ice cream: the benefits and harms

МороженоеOn hot summer days, ice cream is one of the most popular products for consumption. While the summer season was only a little bit, so you can discuss all the qualities of this product, both positive and negative.
So many people are afraid of this product, considering that it can stimulate weight gain, that is, to stimulate the emergence of obesity. But it is not so. Ice cream by itself cannot be a stimulus set of excess weight – one serving contains only 10-20% fats, which are necessary for a person per day. Why worry about the extra weight is not worth it.
The benefits of ice cream, for which manufacturing was used natural products, undeniable – it contains a considerable number of proteins and an impressive array of vitamins, which again is essential to man, and needed every day. Of course, daily use of this product in large quantities is not worth it, but from time to time to indulge it should.
As is real ice cream made from milk, the calcium in it enough – this is another element needed by the body in large quantities. Similar item in ice cream so much that it can act as a preventive measure against osteoporosis. Calcium can reduce the likelihood of calcium in the kidneys. By itself, the calcium has a positive effect on the wellbeing of the person.
Ice cream contains a great dose of vitamin K, which is responsible for the regulation of hematopoietic function in the body and prevents excessive blood clotting.
Damage from ice cream is also possible, as well as the benefit, but to a lesser extent. Harmful many other hotels can only be those categories of people who have recently been ill with flu and colds. Otherwise, the ice cream is contraindicated only for diabetics – there is a large amount of sugar. Beware stands and various fillers.

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