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Innovation: a device for cooling the brain

Инновация: прибор для охлаждения мозгаStroke is one of the most insidious killers of our time, and every year the age limit of people facing terrible blow striking fast drops lower and lower. Upon the occurrence of a stroke the main task of doctors to become not only saving the life of the patient, but also the maximum adoption of measures to minimize damage to vital systems of the body. Since the main attack upon the occurrence of stroke States falls on the cerebral vessels, British scientists introduced the innovative development, past a series of tests not only in animals but also directly on the human body.
Portable cooling device for brain unable to prevent stroke, however, contributes to the preservation of the integrity and rapid recovery of the vascular walls, preventing the blood. It does not thermoslim, how can someone be submitted. The device is a modular unit with tubes, which at the time of activation delivers a dose of fluorocarbon liquid, which is introduced into the patient nasal, and instantly lowers the temperature inside the skull.
Tapering vessels do not lose their own elasticity, and the blood flow becomes more measured. It should again be noted that this innovation is not a preventive measure stroke States, and is a resuscitation event. Time chilled the brain does not stroke away from the patient’s chances for a normal life after surgery. Application of portable fluorine carbon cooler is planned to patent it as a necessary component of resuscitation manipulation and subsequent rehabilitation period.
Several portable apparatus cooling of the brain have already been installed in the ambulances of the city of London. It is hoped that this development will meet our expectations and will help to save the life of many “cores”.

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