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Interesting facts about cosmetics

Such a thing as cosmetics appeared many years ago, or many centuries ago – its history is measured in thousands of years. During this time he changed not only cosmetics, but also relevant to cosmetics in General has also changed.
Simultaneously therapeutic and decorative natural cosmetics was known in the time of Ancient Egypt in those times beauty inflicted powder, dyed their hair, used eye shadow, blush. In addition, there were hundreds of recipes for ointments, incense, and means for persons who are of adult women could make a young girl. In the papyri has been described many of the procedures that were performed by the Egyptian women: here and eyeliner and eyeliner forehead, and face, and his cheeks were all decorated with certain materials and cosmetics.
By the way, the profession of cosmetologist existed for a very long time – the first wizard cosmetic case arose in Ancient Greece. Then there were the people who in various ways helped women to eliminate defects in their appearance. He could prescribe creams, water treatments, massage, and recommend cosmetics, in General, did all the things that make modern beauticians.
In Rome on cosmetics and even spent an enormous amount she paid so much attention to and bought in Egypt, China and other countries in such quantities that it struck the Treasury in a substantial way. In the end, the Senate banned the import of cosmetics from abroad. And local women for beauty was ready for all the up to the use of harmful and poisonous things.
For the first time such a thing as the lipstick used in Mesopotamia and made from fat, beeswax and red pigment. She then appeared in Greece, Ancient Egypt and Rome. The word lipstick comes from the Latin word pomum’, which translates to Apple. Because Apple made the first lipstick to the lips.

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