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ИрригаторMany people usually do not understand the fact that for effective care of your oral cavity is not enough regular toothpaste and toothbrush. Even with the most careful and diligent cleaning two or more times a day, your teeth are completely cleaned of plaque. In the vast majority of cases remains untreated the inner part of the dentition and narrow gaps between teeth. In order that the teeth were constantly in frequency without a visit to the doctor, you may need to buy special cleaners that will help you to eliminate food debris in hard to reach areas of the mouth. We are talking about how to choose the oral irrigator. This device creates a thin stream of liquid, which is under significant pressure easily cleans the mouth of plaque and remnants of food. Depending on the specific model, jet irrigator may contain air bubbles or to move with a certain heart rate for maximum cleansing and extra comfort.

How exactly does this device? In its tank is filled with a certain amount of fluid, which then yields under pressure. To generate the necessary flow uses a special nozzle. Stream without any problems washes soft plaque and leftover food from the surface of the teeth, the mucous membrane of the tongue, gums and oral cavity in General. The irrigator has several modes. For example, you can use it in the “shower”, which not only cleanse the oral cavity, but will also provide massage oral mucosa, gums and tongue.
Due to the fact that the irrigator is not a conventional liquid, and a special solution, the cleaning procedure has significant antiseptic and antibacterial action. In addition, when specific needs, you can find a solution that will be most effective for your mouth.

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