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Irritable bowel syndrome

Синдром раздраженного кишечникаIrritable bowel syndrome is a group of disorders functionality of the intestine that are not associated with organic disorders in the intestine and observed for more than three months. The diagnosis of IBS is the person within the specified period, observed the following symptoms:
-discomfort or pain in the abdomen, which usually decrease after visiting the toilet);
-rumbling and flatulence;
the feeling is not completely emptied bowels and also urgency to dump;
-various violations of the chair: diarrhea, constipation or alternating constipation and diarrhea.
According to statistics, irritable bowel syndrome, affects up to 30% of the world’s population. It is worth noting that doctors accesses only one third of patients.
The main cause of violations to the functionality of the intestine are features of the human body. Basically, IBS is diagnosed in people susceptible to stress, with unstable mentality, very emotional. The great influence of such factors as:
-violations of nature and habitual diet;
-lack of food fiber;
-development of gynecological diseases;
-sedentary way of life;
-various hormonal disruptions, for example, obesity, premenstrual syndrome, menopause, diabetes, hypothyroidism, and so on;
acute infection in the intestines, which are followed by a dysbacteriosis.
The impact of all these negative factors cause changes in the sensitivity of receptors, which are located on the wall of the intestines, which leads to SEC.  And the cause of the pain are excessive flatulence and intestinal cramps, excessive stretching of the walls.

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