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Is there a benefit to frozen vegetables?

Есть ли польза в замороженных овощахMany people are interested in whether modern frozen vegetables? Is left in them after freezing nutrients?

If the vegetables are frozen properly, they will retain all the useful nutrients and vitamins present in fresh vegetables. We say only those vegetable products which are frozen directly from the garden. Less benefit in those vegetables that are first transported from other countries, and then frozen.

Quick freezing method, which enables to produce Neff appliances, gives you the opportunity to get your vegetables is good for health, even if they were frozen for a long time. During the quick-freezing process of lowering the temperature starts from the product surface to the core, and the liquid of the vegetables turning into ice crystals. Also, you must know that the temperature in your freezer should be constant – this allows you to not destroy the fiber structure.

Very important and a package of frozen vegetables. To products preserved all the minerals and vitamins, pack them correctly: fasite vegetables in special containers or packages with a minimum amount of air. Freezing vegetables must only occur once, as during thawing, so you lose a lot of useful properties. Do not defrost your vegetables before cooking in water or the microwave, it is best if the vegetables out of the freezer and immediately placed in a pressure cooker, pot and so on.

When buying industrial frozen vegetables, pay attention to the packaging – it should not be mushy. Also pay attention to the appearance of the vegetables – they should be scattered, and if the products are sold in the form of coma or briquette, this is evidence of repeated freezing and thawing. Harm from such vegetables will not, but no use you get.

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