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Jogging prevent future injuries of the joints

Пробежки предотвращают будущие травмы суставовEvery day you drink various vitamins, not to tribolet? Don’t eat fried eggs, so I won’t have cholesterol? Choose yogurt with low fat content, thus being afraid to gain extra pounds? Tens of millions of people across the planet trying to live a healthy lifestyle, but to the great regret, the majority of people, seeking, care about their health, go through a rather complicated way. We invite you to debunk the myth of sustainable health and lifestyle.
Today, the relevance of a healthy lifestyle induced change in the nature of the various loads on the entire human body, in connection with a complex life in society and increase the risks of different characters, which in turn provoke a negative impact on health.
Want to take care of their joints – tie with regular Jogging. Basically, doctors giving their patients the various recommendations to move a lot, I advise you to just go walk more, or start to swim. However, one recent study demonstrated that daily jog, not only are not harmful for the joints, but can also prevent future injuries of the joints.
In the not so distant 2009, the most recent data, scientists of the University “Stanford” showed the audience the results of his unusual experiment, which lasted about twenty years. The objects of this study were the runners are not very young age (at the moment at the age of 55-60 years). In the beginning of this study on knee pain complained eight percent, however, after 20 years in this group of people are unable to find a single person with pain in the knees or legs. On the basis of these studies and observations by scientists at Stanford University, concluded that the joints are not ruining daily jog, and crippled by wrong training regimen or injury of the joints.

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