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Kefir-buckwheat diet

Кефирно-гречневая диетаEvery woman constantly strives for perfection. One of the obstacles on the way may be a few extra pounds. In order to get rid of them decided to use a different weight loss diet and lead an active lifestyle. When you want your health is not damaged. Nutritionists propose to try a proven method that is very easy to use, but no less effective. This kefir-buckwheat diet is not to make you spend huge money on diet products, as they are in almost every home and are inexpensive. The method is based on the use of buckwheat cereal and nonfat yogurt. While buckwheat should be prepared in a special way. If you will comply with all rules and restrictions of the method, the result will be just stunning.

For the preparation of buckwheat’s special recipe, you must first go through the rump, and pour boiling water over night in a ratio of 1:2.5 cups. The next morning, pour out the excess water and eat the finished dish. This porridge retains all the useful vitamins and minerals. During this diet have to give up sugar, sweets, salt, spices and oil. Divide the cooked porridge into several equal portions and take them throughout the day.
The second staple food by this method is kefir. It is also necessary to choose correctly. It is recommended to eat only low fat product or a very low fat content. If you notice in the body increased flatulence, it is better to refuse a day of yogurt, so as not to worsen the symptoms. It is also recommended not to buy the product, which is more than three days, it can cause constipation.
This diet can be supplemented by the use of other products. Do not forget that any methodology slimming partially dehydrates the body, so try as much as possible to drink purified carbonated water, green tea or unsweetened coffee. This will help to dull hunger and create a feeling of satiety. To improve the taste of porridge of buckwheat you can add green onions, dill or parsley. Pets use one teaspoon of honey, which must be pre-diluted in a glass of water. This will add strength and energy for sport and perform daily Affairs.
The main drawback of this mono is the restriction of the products included in the diet. In order to support the body during this difficult period, it is recommended to eat vitamin complexes.

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