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Keratin hair straightening: procedure

Кератиновое выпрямление волосAlmost all women who had a lush curly hair dream of straight and smooth hair. About the same dream and owner of damaged hair. Often the first option coincides with the second. What do these ladies? Infinitely straighten unruly curls hot uticaj or pour a ton of regenerating masks?

Modern achievements of the industry of beauty and cosmetic products offer an alternative and more efficient way – keratin hair straightening.
How it do?

In this process there is nothing difficult or dangerous, in principle, with the right preparation, you can carry out at home. But it should be emphasized that only by visiting a beauty salon and experienced craftsmen can really enjoy the effect of keratin hair straightening.
This type of straightening can be done either on your own curly hair and the curls after hiseville, but only after 2 weeks.
So, the procedure of straightening begins with cleansing the hair from grease and loose particles using a special shampoo intense action. After this, wash the hair becomes more susceptible to the effects of drugs and keratin in particular.
Next comes the application of special treatment composition, which is rubbed into the whole length of the hair is indented in centimetr from the root. The product is not washed off, and the hair is dried using a hair dryer and a special large brush.
After the wizard starts to straighten. The hair is divided into small strands of hair and pulled from the pad “In this procedure, it is extremely important to monitor the device temperature, which should remain at 230 degrees. During this stage, the protein contained in the product is turned off and “sealed” the damaged scales. The result is a healthy, smooth and mirror-like shiny hair.
How to care?

On average, the effect of the straightening lasts from 2 to 6 months. But much depends on proper care.
So, after the procedure, you cannot wash your hair for 72 hours, and use styling products. It is not recommended to wear rubber bands and pins, and even to lay curls behind her ear. For washing the hair should use shampoos without sodium-Laureth-sulfate, as they will significantly accelerate the leaching of the drug from the hair. To paint hair can be no earlier than two weeks. Following the alignment can be carried out not earlier than 1 month.

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