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Kids – for a healthy lifestyle

Дети - за здоровый образ жизниEvery year in Ukraine’s capital hosts international conference on “Children for a healthy lifestyle”, this topic is very relevant and propaganda to support a healthy way of life among all young people, the conference was attended by about a hundred people, from all regions of Ukraine and from many countries of Europe.
The conference had a purpose, conduct and evaluate processes, which, in turn, were aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles among all youth of Ukraine. Identified bottlenecks and barriers to achieving goals, identifying areas of greatest concern, the paper also considers opportunities to improve the health of the younger generation, sharing personal experiences and unique practices on the formation and adherence to a healthy lifestyle of young people.
The result of this conference was the development of a variety of recommendations, designed to support healthy lifestyles of young people of Ukraine. All work will be placed on the official website of the relevant Ministry and send to the regional structural units.
This event was held under support of Ministry of sport of Ukraine” together with the “Program of development of United Nations in Ukraine” and a structural unit of the Department of education and science, youth and sport”, the Kiev center for youth and labour.
Healthy lifestyle in young people, should be the main priority for Ukraine. It is said Ravil Safiullin, who is the Minister in Ukraine, at the opening of this international conference.
According to Safiullin, economic crisis and social decay, very rigidly deformed all the values of youth, vulgarisearly the idea of material prosperity, have eliminated all of the spiritual priorities and interests, and a healthy lifestyle was on the last stage of human priorities.
Best practices shared by the officials, experts, representatives of public organizations and business. Among them, foreign guests – representatives of Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Poland.
During the whole event was well organized theme-based sections and groups of the various workshops where you can learn the individual components that form a healthy lifestyle.

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