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L-carnitine – helps to make the body perfect

L-карнитинSlim figure, strong muscles, sports nutrition – these topics are often discussed various talk shows and programs. They often become a cause of debate and network space. And recently the debate about such a drug as “L-carnitine”. Those who lead a healthy lifestyle and exercise, have heard tales of such additive. What is it, and what are the properties of this additive has?

Carnitine from the company Fit Health is roughly stretching from amino acids, and placed it in all cells of the human body. The name of this drug is gone from the Latin “carnus” that actually means “meat”.
It is difficult to underestimate the role of this substance in the human body. It transports various fatty acids in the “power plants” of cells, that is, in the mitochondria. And there already is the splitting of these elements with the release of energy. As a result of these processes, the body burns fat and at the same time generates a large amount of energy, which is eventually used by man for various purposes, primarily for physical and mental work. Also these processes are removed from the body of toxic elements, however, preventing their accumulation.
The greatest number of carnitine found in cardiac and skeletal muscle, which is used as a “fuel” that fatty acid.
Typically, the human body produces carnitine in sufficient quantities independently. But sometimes this process can be difficult, and the substance is not produced in the right quantity. This is because it is synthesized by the body this item from a group of various vitamins, and if there is a deficit, the synthesis of carnitine slows down.
Here it is in such situations and to become more relevant Supplement with this substance.

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