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Laboratory scales

Лабораторные весыScales to measure mass. And the smaller the mass, the more accurate should be the measurement. Therefore, there are different categories of weights. Truck scales. Truck scales 60 tons. Truck scales. Household scales. Kitchen scales. Laboratory scales. As a rule, are used in medicine laboratory scales.
The correct choice of an analytical balance depends on for what purpose you are purchasing them, and what they will weigh.
Mechanical laboratory scale is a reliable and time-tested device, but for intensive work, it is not suitable. Electronic scales much easier and more durable. Their principle of operation is that when the load platform is changing the force that acts on the primary sensor. The primary sensor consists of an elastic element. With this element mechanically connected inverter that converts the strain into an electrical signal. Rather than the primary sensor, the more accurate measurements to be made weights. Of course, the more accurate the sensor, the higher the cost scale, but it is patented and high-quality device can serve for many years practically without wear.
There are laboratory balance with external calibration, which have an attractive appearance. But do not forget about the purchase of reference weights, which will help to maintain the accuracy of the balance and the time to notice their fault.
Many modern electronic scale connected to the computer. By purchasing such devices should carefully choose the software. By the way, in most cases, but comes complete with weights.
In some areas, for example, in the pharmaceutical industry, it is important to weigh small amounts. For such measurements established micro and the mind. They differ utmost precision and is capable of producing measurements with an accuracy up to the seventh decimal place.
Analytical laboratory scales is necessary when it is necessary to conduct a quantitative analysis of substances.
Precision laboratory scales required for the most accurate measurement. They allow you to consume the substance or reagents optimally sparingly.

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