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Learn your body

You can use devices that operate on bioresonance method with maximum precision to test the entire body.
You will be able to receive accurate and clear information about the status of all systems and organs. With such apparatus the testing of the body can be performed quickly and accurately, and will help you to identify the presence of fungal infection, parasites and viruses, as they are the causes of the disease. Also you can use this device to pick the exact and correct treatment of diseases.
Biotest is a completely new method of diagnosis, which was developed by scientists from Russia. The method is based on the presence around the living body’s energy field.
Using Biotest to change individual cells and wave characteristics can be evaluated stages of transition from health to disease. Using ultrasound, x-ray, tomography practically not possible to get information about the initial stage of the disease. Bioresonance testing makes Express – diagnostics accuracy almost reaches 100%. Well, after the definition of the disease or infection are more targeted research.
If you go Biotest, you can receive the full information, an image of the organ or the whole of the place where is beginning to happen inflammatory process or something similar. Will be able to learn predisposition to diseases. For example, prostatitis, diabetes, stone disease, malignant disease, etc. You will be able to determine the original cause of the disease and the presence of microflora (worms, bacteria, fungi, viruses) in the systems and organs, as well as to identify helminths symptoms. Using Biotest you can not cure a single body, and the whole human body.
What is the study?
Bioresonance test is conducted in several stages. So, the first step is to collect General information. This stage takes approximately 50 minutes. The second stage is based on the decryption information, it takes time for an hour. The third stage – the development of therapeutic and preventive programs. For the duration of a little more than an hour.
BRT just takes time a little less than three hours.
While collecting information on the imaging system or organ by means of coloured icons is the degree of disturbance of the fabric, after it’s all visible on the computer monitor. Then the information is processed, and provides recommendations.
You can say that this is a non-contact procedure. With the help of trigger sensors and palms of the hands is a collection of information. To prepare for the BRT is not necessary. No radiation appliance does not, then there are limits and there are no contraindications. So, no harm no for babies and pregnant women.

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