«Мэри Бэль»

Light with magnets

Легкие Cultivation and duplication fabrics became one of the most funded areas of modern medicine, because there is no more important today of the invention than play a fully functional organ in the human body. Artificial lung tissue, grown by means of a magnetic suspension – news, more resembling a quote from science fiction.
So it was possible to consider exactly until 2010, when Glowka Sousa and his team began to study the way to create a realistic human tissue using nanomagnets. When magnetic levitation interaction of different magnetic fields lead to a contactless suspension of any subject in a certain area.
Magnetic suspension, or magnetic levitation has enabled lab-grown tissue to move from the category of auxiliary materials to the rank of a real contender for the status of the implant. The result was the development Glowka Sousa was presented only after three years the most realistic cultured tissue of the body ever grown.
As a rule, grown in laboratory conditions the fabric is created in a Petri dish, but by nanomagnets hanging fabric allows it to grow in a 3D form, which allows for more complex layers of cellular structures. We present a 3D model of growth is the approximate simulation method, according to which cells grow in the human body. Therefore, it is a huge step in creating artificial organs that can be transplanted to people.
From a critical point of view, lung tissue in 3D modeling due to its ergonomic streamlined shape is recreated quite simple, compared with other tissues. If a series of experiments with the magnetic suspension of the tissues of the bowel or vascular walls also succeed, you can quite seriously to consider the draft Glowka Sousa as a revolutionary in the field of modern medicine.

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