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Lomi Lomi Massage

Массаж Ломи-Ломи

Recently widespread start to get different kinds of Hawaiian massage. One of the most popular among modern practices, and widespread Hawaiian massage is Lomi Lomi massage. His bilateral influence and led to widespread, as massage is a very beneficial impact on physical health and the emotional part.

Technique Lomi Lomi massage gives you the freedom of man from any negative memories of adverse events. The alternative he offers to plunge into the “Here and now”, i.e. love, joy, and vitality of the surrounding space.
Lomi Lomi massage helps to achieve this goal, because according to statistics, after visiting sessions – after a short time is often a goal.
Lomi Lomi massage also has an exclusive feature that makes it stand out from a large list of other types of massages. This practice is characterized by various magical properties of wish fulfillment.
Lomi Lomi massage lasts about one hour. Procedure relax mentally, go into your subconscious and your new position in life and goals are recorded in your subconscious mind, thus after a massage you leave a completely different person.

Массаж Ломи-ЛомиSince ancient times, the dialogue with the human physical body in Hawaiian society played a big role. Technique Lomi-Lomi embodied not only massages, but also a wide variety of spiritual life. We can say that Lomi Lomi massage hides a practical magic or in other words the junta, which symbolize energy world Mann. Under manna means the force of life, which is designed for performance goals through its influence on the world around us, to people along the way and the events of everyday life.

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