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Look like Nefertiti

Выглядите как НефертитиLook like Nefertitis ancient and historical method free from excess hair is waxing or procedure name – waxing. It is known that Queen Nefertiti used this method of hair removal. She in hairy areas struck malleable special blend, then after she froze, broke with hairs. To date, use wax instead of the viscous mixture.

What to do before a cosmetic procedure?

Before applying the procedure of hair removal is necessary in the work area to cause softening remedy to reduce quite unpleasant sensations. Then apply the oil, which tend to soften the skin, but also soothes and slows growth. The condition of hair removal – length hairs not less than 5 mm.

In the field of cosmetology is used, the wax is of two types: hard and soft.

Soft wax. What and how?

The mixture of soft wax includes various softeners and pine resin. This type of wax can be seen in roller tape and in banks. In a special soft wax heater is heated, then the skin is applied. After using strips of paper against the growth removed. Specialized oil can remove the rest of the oil, the oil soothes the skin.

Today you can meet a huge range of wax with the addition of various additives. For example, essential oils, herbal supplements, Jasmine, vanilla, chocolate, etc.

What to do with hard wax?

The basis of this type of wax is composed of pine resin or petroleum products. To wax mixture from sticking and not spread it added the butter. For example, lemon, vegetable. In the direction of growth of the hairs applied to the hot mixture (37-43°C.), after the skin is heated, and is quite easy to remove the hairs. Since the wax is present rubber additives, it replicates the topography of the skin. Great result in the application in the area of the armpits and bikini.

Выглядите как НефертитиWhy and who is not allowed to perform the procedure?

You cannot use it if you have varicose veins. Also, if you have: diabetes, skin diseases acute and chronic forms. One should also not forget about infectious diseases, intolerance of wax, warts, ischemia, skin tags, moles. Though a method of hair removal is virtually painless, but permanently remove vegetation fail. The skin is necessary after the procedure, the wax needs to be processed.

What should you do after?

Beauticians after the procedure, the wax is advised to do a few procedures.

Lotions that slow down growth. This lotion is able to extend the time between treatments. If you constantly use this form of lotion, it is possible to achieve the complete disappearance of the thread. Also the lotion has antiseptic, moisturizing and soothing effect.

The ultrasound. The skin is treated with a special tool, and then using ultrasound, it appears to slow the growth or even destroy the hair follicles.

Also this procedure can be done at home. You can save Finance, hairs after each hair removal become thinner and weaker.

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