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LPG-massage is fast shaping

About the properties of LPG massage know a lot of accolades. This modern miracle massage is able to bring the figure in order to eliminate cellulite, reduce weight, make the skin elastic and youthful, but also to create good mood. The woman who took the trouble to undergo vacuum-roller massage LPG, always happy, because she has the face and body in order. Compared to many traditional types of massage, this massage is truly unique, as it is able to perfectly adjust the shape by acting on several fronts.
Target audience
The largest audience that pin their hopes on a miraculous LPG –massage, are people who have problems with excess weight, localized fat deposits and cellulite. Without a doubt, they have not once tried to get rid of fat deposits by traditional means: went to the pool or the gym, ate in accordance with strict diets. However, all this did not give good results. Fortunately, today many salons have mastered the technique of LPG massage and can help women who want to have a graceful figure and youthful face.
Method of massage LPG-apparatus based on the kneading of the soft parts of the body with the help of vacuum. When the influence of the device on the body of the nozzle grip the skin, and then gently squeeze and carefully massaged it with the help of rollers. It should be noted that the speed and direction of rotation of the rollers may be different.
So effective massage can break up the dense fat deposits and make a more active metabolism. During the session you do not feel any pain, and the body forms no hematomas from seizures and massaging.
Currently in cosmetology used vehicles for LPG massage with different nozzles and the multiple modes. So the doctor who conducts the examination and appoints such a procedure may offer the patient different types of massage depending on the characteristics of its skin and body. The duration of the session of this massage is only 45 minutes. Often, this massage is used in combination with various cosmetic procedures to improve the process. For example, in clinics LPG-massage is a mandatory procedure after the surgical liposuction.
The main indication of the effectiveness of LPG massage is weight loss, toning of the skin and its rejuvenation. The result is visible already after the first procedure, but for stable result not sufficient. Usually, the doctor prescribes more than five procedures (2-3 per week). At the end of the session a woman can be happy: her figure has decreased in volume and purchased a beautiful shape, and the face looked younger. All procedures performed in a specialized clinic or beauty salon, safe and painless.

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