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Maintenance of medical equipment

Техническое обслуживание медицинской техникиMedical technology is in almost any medical facility. But any equipment requires maintenance, and medical. Typically, when buying equipment is a contract with the manufacturer for warranty service. Therefore, if this equipment for any reason fails, the responsibility of this plant and bears. But! Responsible plant bears only in the case if the fault happened through the fault of the plant. And to prove it is very difficult. So in most cases the responsibility lies on the medical institution, and funds which you have paid for the guarantee contract, wasted.
Whether it is necessary in this case to enter into this contract? After all, to pay for the repair of medical equipment anyway, and the extra cost of most public health facilities no. There are two exits: keep a staff engineer who has the necessary knowledge on repair and maintenance of medical equipment or send it for repair in specialty services, which perform the repair and maintenance of medical equipment in Moscow. In the first case, the specialist has to pay the salary, and not small. These professionals can find the service in any repair shop and earn there much more. Yes and no the fact that your equipment will fail in the next few years. This means that the employee will get paid just for the fact that he is in the state medical institutions. The second way means that in case of failure of your equipment will be waiting for a few weeks, or even months, and will pay for the repair is not small money.
Therefore it’s advisable to sign a contract not under warranty with the manufacturer and a contract for maintenance with one of the many companies that are engaged in business. The company should provide you with a specialist who will periodically come and perform the necessary manipulations on the prevention of breakdowns and diagnostics equipment.

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