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Malocclusion in adults

Ten years ago it was believed that the bite is correct only for children. But now everything has changed. Many people in a Mature age carry out the correction of malocclusion of the teeth. This procedure uses a lot of actors, singers, and other famous personalities. However, “normal” people are not inferior to them in their desire to have a smooth beautiful smile.
So for what it’s done? In fact incorrect bite is not fatal. First of all to correct the bite I wish those people who, due to any circumstances not already done so at an early age. There are also many patients who just underwent this procedure in childhood or adolescence, however, remained dissatisfied with its results. Also there are patients who occlusion problems caught at a Mature age. Typically, this is due to the appearance of permanent teeth.
Naturally most people is going to bite, just to be beautiful. This desire is understandable. However, there are other patients – those who bite correction is necessary. This feature is important if you plan to implantation or their prosthetics. Then to correct the bite should be for medical reasons.
In General, correct bite adults as well as children. However, there are some nuances. The jaw of an adult already fully formed, and therefore, in order to correct the bite, should be much more effort. The actual displacement of the teeth is also much slower.
Often teeth adult patients do not have their “original” form a seal, the teeth much more fragile and simply can’t always withstand the mechanical movement. However, on the other hand, age plays a patient at hand. Adult patient really interested in the treatment and treats him with all the responsibility. It can not affect the end results of the treatment.

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