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Market relations in the sphere of health

It is considered that the market economy has beneficial effects on the quality and level of goods and services, and to regulate prices. The wider the offer, the lower the price. However, in the field of health care in developed States the principles of free competition are applied with certain reservations.
Some experts believe that excessive competition favors the duplication of roles and material resources to competing clinics, contributing to the expansion of the bureaucratic apparatus. Competition harms the professional relations between institutions. Because of this, every hospital, for the sake of confidence in the medical market, tries to collect at the maximum range of medical specialists, techniques, instruments, professional administrators. All this is taken into account in the price, increasing the cost of medical services.
High cost is one of several challenges of free market economy. More serious problem is the inability of the patient to realistically determine the level of the proposed medical procedure in different hospitals. Economists call this phenomenon “information asymmetry”. Providing services knows all about them, and the client almost nothing. Often patients have to focus not on the quality of services, and the secondary characteristics: additional service, services, advertising.
Developed countries solve this problem by allowing the patient to make a choice together with a competent person, possessing the required knowledge. This can be the insurance company, family doctor, specialized agencies.
Another negative aspect of the market approach to medicine, the unequal access to treatment, depending on the material security of the patient.
Speak well of market mechanisms family doctors and doctors “first contact”, and among highly specialized medical centers that carry out unique tests and procedures, competition leads to negative results.

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