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Massage chair

Массажное креслоQuality is not the massage chair, which is equipped with many functions for different methods of massage, and the chair in which functionality allows you to achieve the best massage effect. What types of massage can do a quality massage chair?

The main function massage chairs – massage of the neck muscles, back, waist, shoulders. In order to choose the best quality massage chair us medica indigo, try to test the model in the store or not the show. Buying a massage chair in online store will be cheaper in cost, but in many cases you will not be able to try out the product in action before purchasing.
Almost all massage chairs are equipped with automatic programmes for implementing the massage. To set up such programs, you can manually, the device also can remember the settings, so it is possible to use the chair to each member of the family with individual settings, not necessarily before each massage.
Additional features of a massage chair is massage of the lower legs, hands, feet and buttocks. In addition to the air compression massage and vibratory, some chairs have the feature of infrared heating to enhance muscle relaxation. All these functions can be adjusted independently using software that will allow you to achieve optimal therapeutic effects.
If the model is equipped with a remote control, you will be able in the process to adjust the intensity and methods of massage. For example, vibration massage to improve circulation in the back and the games, tapping massage to eliminate muscle tension and increase blood circulation in the lumbar region and back.
The most practical material for the manufacture of a massage chair is synthetic leather, which is durable and practical.

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