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Massage Tuyen

Массаж ТуйнаMassage Tuyen is the oldest and most positively the current form of massage. Tuyen is an integral part of Chinese medicine.

For this period of time in China you can see many people of different ages who, in their daily lives use a variety of different massage techniques. The most used is well-established for centuries with traditional massage Tuyen, who in their region is associated with longevity and protection against all illness. Tuyen was invented about two thousand years ago, as the opposition of various diseases. And now he remains as one of the most valuable heritage of the old era.
Chinese philosophy is a world wide variety of concepts. Some of these concepts occupy a fundamental place in medicine.
All practices Tuyen built on the fundamental Chinese principle of Yin-Yang, which may be indicative to raise the level of Chinese medicine ancient. Massage result Tuyen directly proportional depends on the time and the force with which the impact occurs. But the main part is the application of specific massage techniques Tuyen.
Massage Twinksmovie methods are:
1. Methodology – TUI, characterized as soft stroking.
2. Methodology – tions, characterized by a strong tingling sensation, that is the pressure point massaging.
3. Methodology – Ju, characterized by light oval rotation.
4. Methodology – it-tzia, is characterized by a periodic pulse pressure in places of pain.
5. Methodology – Yao, characterized by the use of two hands, one of which is actively massaging the area of pain, and the second would be used passively, holding the area of pain in a tension condition.
6.  Technique – Alto, characterized by vibratory pressure to the point of pain.

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