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Massage wishes

Массаж вишешMassage wishes represents a General massage of the whole body of the person.
It is characterized by a rough style, massage rarely comes to pain, it is primarily aimed at massaging the muscles, in some cases joints.Massage technique cherries is based on the effects on some Marmari, i.e. points, which are places of intersection of the energy channels, energy flows and communication with authorities.
Time massaging in total must amount to sixty minutes, allowed two therapists massaging, then the session should last thirty minutes. Also, there are contraindications for massage wishes if you are allergic to herbaceous plants, various infectious diseases, some inflammation or pregnancy, there is strictly prohibited to relax with a massage, wishes.
In the massage wishes used various oils and esters, and with a kind of technique, that is, in the relationship, eliminating the outflow of vital energy. On the contrary, is gradually strengthening the immune system, rejuvenates the body gradually, the emotional state is normalized, relieves fatigue and nervous system becomes more soft and unwavering. Massage cherries helps to preserve and maintain the immune system at a high level. It is recommended to attend five sessions of wishes once a year, once in two weeks.Massage filesmatch wishes is done by using essential oils, it is important to note that the essential oil is selected individually for each client, it depends on many factors, such as the appearance of the skin, etc. Already from the first visits of sessions you will feel a surge of strength as physical and emotional. Wishes frees or more correctly clears the mind, allowing your thoughts become clearer and your Outlook on life more purposeful.

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