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Mechanical cleaning of the face: Brushing

Механическая очистка лица: БрашингSo, first of all, the woman always try to look great. For it was specially developed a range of treatments in the cosmetic field, which will help to promote cell regeneration, cleansing of the skin cells. Quite young and polarizable procedure is brushing. It is the perfect cleaning procedures, which tend to use either in a complex or separately.
And what looks like a round brush?
This is a kind of mechanical cleaning of the skin from dead cells. All this happens with the help of various brushes and sponges that rotate. The rotation speed can reach 5000 rpm the Motion is either clockwise, or against. There is a significant surface cleansing dead cells due to the relatively high speed of rotation. In turn, refreshes the skin and increases blood flow.
Consequently, there is two procedures at the same time. This massage and peeling. For a long time can reach up to half an hour, it all depends on the problematic nature and area of work. The procedure absolutely brings no pain non-hazardous.
Upon completion of the brushing you can do other cosmetic treatments. Including, application of masks, skin nutrition, etc. But it is necessary to adhere to a number of designated procedures. For oily skin – 2 sessions per week, normal or dry skin – once a month. A course may consist of several procedures.
Механическая очистка лица: БрашингWhat are the indications of the brushing?
Primarily, decreased tone of the skin. Aging and porous skin (treatment of acne, bumps and scars), wrinkles, cleansing the dirt (toxins, fat).
Who is not allowed to carry out such a procedure?
Categorically lactation and pregnancy to brushing, as the sensitive skin in this wonderful period.
After a treatment period of brushing
Very little time is such a cleansing procedure, it all depends on the severity of the treatment. Individual approach to each patient, as some need light and soft Shoe, and someone more deep and serious.
After the procedure there may be minor redness and itching. Consequently, you should use a cream with soothing nature. You can lead a normal life and no starvation. Apply makeup, get a tan.

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