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Metformin will be useful for diabetics

Metformin will be useful for diabetics
The expression “sweet life” is known and clear to everyone. Some sweet tooth understand it so literally that just don’t understand how it is possible for at least a day to live without chocolate or slice of cake. But there’s a whole army of people with sweets, as they say, the relationship didn’t work out”. It’s diabetics.
When the key is not suited to the castle, the Number of people with diabetes grows downright catastrophic pace. As says the statistics only for the first ten years of the new Millennium, the number of diabetics in the world has increased by almost half. Moreover, 90% of patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes also known as insulin. Unlike type 1 diabetes where the pancreas produces insufficient amounts of the hormone insulin, while type II diabetes insulin in the body is enough, and sometimes even more than you need. That’s the only tissue cells insensitive to it. This phenomenon is called insulin resistance. To make it clearer, we can say that the perception of insulin by the cells is disturbed, and the hormone is no longer able to serve as the “key” that can open the glucose entry into cells, where it is recycled or deposited in reserve. In the body of a real drama unfolds: glucose (fuel we need for energy) is, and insulin – heaps, and poor cells are starving. As they say, sees the eye, Yes, the tooth is itching to do it… it also Happens that the insulin loses its ability to perform its functions. In this case, the glucose cannot enter the cells due to the fact that the hormone is no longer a “key” to the cells. The result is the same: the cells sit on a starvation diet.
Tablets are starting to drink at once the Drug Metformin were used for the treatment of type II diabetes in the last century: in Europe in 1957, and in the USA in 1995, currently, Metformin is the most commonly prescribed as antidiabetic remedies all over the world. Earlier if the patient’s symptoms of diabetes to lower blood sugar level is tried first, diet, herbal medicine and physical exertion. But now in most cases, in addition to the above measures immediately prescribed anti-diabetic drugs. The fact that diabetes type II diabetes often has no visible symptoms. People can many months, or even years, not even to suspect that he was sick. And when it turns out that the patient has diabetes, as a rule, it appears that the disease is already running order.
Treats nature Antidiabetic drug Metformin to buy in drugstores and enjoy a specialized sites on the Internet. What’s interesting is this drug from the French lilac. That is, in the pantry nature has cure for all diseases – you just have to know what the shelf that is… Used Metformin for the treatment of diabetes of the second type (especially in patients with overweight), because, unlike other drugs, it does not stimulate insulin production by the pancreas. Instead, it reduces the production of glucose by the liver, and promotes its absorption and regulates the absorption of sugar in the intestine. In addition, the drug is able to rid the body of “bad” cholesterol.

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