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Method of plasty of congenital defects of the jaw in children

A mucosal flap from the lateral fragment is included for the formation of upper-back-her wall bed. It was stitched to the flap of the mucous membrane, the delaminated in the area where it connects to the vomer and maxillary bone.

The flap of the mucous membrane of the middle section is made by the addition in the rear wall of soft-tissue bed. Bottom and a front wall formed tissues laterally displaced fragment of the upper lip.

The continuity of the bone in the upper jaw was restored while respecting the level of apical base in the zone of maximum width of the defect or underdevelopment of the bone tissue. The graft is formed with using expansion part abuts against the edge of the bone defect and processes for the plot underdeveloped region in the pyriform aperture. Before the introduction into the bone defect sapling soft tissue bed lining the periosteal autografts.

For this purpose, the selected tibia of a child from a longitudinal skin incision with a length of 3 to 4 inches boulders on the crest of the tibia and dissected a strip of periosteum a width of 7.5—10 mm, a length that is equal to the sum of the two values of the width of the bone defect in the alveolar process. Autograft periosteum was divided into two pieces, which were additionally cut a longitudinal slit into strips to improve the quality of the conditions of vascularization and bone, and periosteal grafts.

Secondary early autoplastic bone grafting was performed in patients aged 5 to 8 years with one or bilateral clefts in the upper lip, in the area of the alveolar ridge, the sky with the aim to consolidate the results of orthodontic treatment for plastic residual ratanasuwan fistula for the purpose of immobilization of the movable maxillary bone with surgical her retrotransposition when conducting early re-rhinocheiloplasty.

Surgical technique differed from primary plastics only methods of forming a soft tissue bed, which is formed of a Muco-periosteal flaps the edges of the defect in the alveolar process. Combined bone-periosteal autoplastic was conducted according to the above method. For bone grafting were used freeze-dried bone from the ribs or the crest of the Ilium (laboratory of tissue preservation MONICA).


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