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Method of plasty of post-traumatic urethral strictures

Method of plasty of post-traumatic urethral strictures using the device for stapling the ends of the urethra applied in 45 patients.

Moreover, the strictures they were localized in the membranous or prostatic parts of the urethra. 14 — were recurrent strictures about what they were previously operated from one to three times. All recovered natural urination. Ambulatory monitoring of patients showed that none of them needed probing.

In the postoperative period, we are absolutely the same as V. I. Rusakov, believe that to prevent the ingress of urine in the area of the stitches in the urethra, as well as to wash away the blood, mucus and fibrin W cavity of the bladder it is advisable to use within 4-6 days of continuous bladder irrigation-diversion introduced antiseptic liquid or regular suprapubic drainage, or (even better) with active aspiration.

Suprapubic drainage of removed 10-12 days after the surgery depending on the degree of healing of the suprapubic wound. Self urination is restored after 1-2 days after removal of the suprapubic drainage.

Experience of surgical treatment for men with post-traumatic urethral stricture as described above showed that restoration of patency of the urethra by the method of end-to-end allows you to provide these patients the recovery urination natural and allows you to return them to their previous professions.

Of 129 men with post-traumatic urethral strictures who underwent surgery in the last 12 years of medical practice at the clinic of urology of ksmi, the positive effect was achieved in 125. Only 4 patients with pronounced deformities of the bones of the pelvis, repeatedly operated previously with obstructions large extent, there was a recurrence of the disease, and they are forced to stay with a suprapubic fistula.


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