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Method of plasty of the orbital cavity after excision common malignant eyelid tumours

The wound on his forehead, formed after moving the flap closes with a free split skin graft taken a dermatome from the shoulder or hip.

The graft is fixed Dacron sutures, the ends of which are not clipped. Then, the surface of a free skin graft is covered with fibrinous film, soaked in saline solution, in the top several layers are superimposed gauze balls. Uncut ends of the Dacron filaments tightly tied over gauze balls, achieving the necessary pressure on the skin graft and good adaptation to the wound of the forehead.

Outside is superimposed General slightly oppressive aseptic bandage. This fixation method of free skin graft allows to make the dressing the day after surgery and to monitor the condition of the frontal skin and fat flap.

The abundant vascularization and the presence of the supply legs in the proper technique of performing surgery, frontal flap survives well in its socket. When smooth postoperative period the seams on the frontal flap is removed after 7-8 days, free skin graft 10-12. The eye socket companywide within 2-3 weeks after surgery. The wound surface in place of the taking of a free split skin graft completely epithelialized by the end of 3-4 weeks.

The described method of plasty of the orbit allows simultaneous exenteration with her close all Nude wall full orbit the skin flap on the pedicle. When you do this 3-4 times less time treating patients, significantly reduces the risk of development of inflammatory complications in the brain, created the best conditions for subsequent reconstructive surgeries and ocular prosthetics.

The method is well established in the clinic, he received a certificate for rationalization proposal.


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