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Michelle Obama for a healthy lifestyle

Мишель Обама за здоровый образ жизниThe wife of the President of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, decided to fight for the health and active lifestyle for young people through “hip – hop”.
With the help of a social program called “Let’s movе,” the First lady of America, began to implement its new project in support of health, according to “Us Magazine”.
Michelle, along with popular American musicians, recorded their new collection of songs about healthy eating. This is not the only experience with a similar project is operated by a variety of stars of show business.
So, in 2011, similar to the project were joined by singer Beyonce. The youth was offered dance complex with different exercises under the Remix of her song “Movе Your Bоdy”.
The new album, Michelle Obama, who received the original title “Sоng for a Hеаlthier America” ,which translates as “Song for a healthy America,” appeared in stores in early September of this year.
The album contains a total of 19 songs with different names, motivating nature, for example, “Veggie Luv”, which translates as “Vegetable love” or “OPE Stеp Forwаrd” – “Step forward”. And a song called “Everyone” (“Everybody”), which was performed by Jordin sparks, even came out gorgeous clip.
Also, this collection was the initial start for the group “Salad Bar”, this group included such stars as: Travis Barker, Ariana Grande. Herself the First lady appeared in promotional videos for this album. The clips were shown in all schools of the city of new York, and later in other cities of the USA.
As everyone knows, the First lady of the United States of America, has long been engaged in urging the American people to fight for their health and active lifestyle.
“For me it is not only a question of policy. This is my mission, my passion and inspiration. I want to work with all people, worldwide, to change their approach to nutrition and the foods they consume, peculiar to the modern generation of children, ” said Michelle Obama.

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