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Modern aesthetic medicine

Portrait of Fresh and Beautiful woman with flower isolated on whiteWomen have always strived for perfection and tried to change her appearance. In the course of walking diets, various drugs and medications, then added the possibility to change the appearance, sometimes even dramatically with the help of plastic surgery and modern cosmetology.
In the modern world not only women want to look good. Men also try to care about their appearance, as a successful businessman, actor or politician is also very important appearance.
Modern aesthetic medicine clinic in Moscow is a major center, which solves many problems of the people associated with defects of appearance. Not only is plastic surgery, but the clinic anti-aging medicine, which includes the centers of aesthetic and medical cosmetology, weight and centre of the latest laser technologies.
Directs the clinic of Dr. Ross. This plastic surgeon is not only a businessman, specifying the operation of the medical center, but also a practicing physician, brilliantly performed thousands of operations, which resulted in long-lasting youth and beauty of movie stars and theatre. After the Russian medical Academy, doctor continued his education abroad, where he successfully gained certification. Now the doctors of the center for advanced study in the clinics of America, and nurses to work in the clinic, too, are chosen very carefully, after passing tests and exams.
It is worth saying that the aesthetic cosmetology clinic presents the hardware and injection treatment. For each patient selected individual course of treatment. Qualified professionals without surgery, blood and almost without pain, help patients to get rid of facial wrinkles, nasolabial folds, wrinkles under eyes, to adjust the shape of the lips. This is a great solution for those who is not going to seek help from plastic surgeons. Unique methods of work, individual approach and a combination of procedures to preserve the attractiveness, not only eliminating the shortcomings of the skin, but also prevents the appearance of new ones. The famous beauty injections of Botox to be supplemented with vitamins and biologically active substances.
The clinic can do, and their body – weight reduction is carried out with the help of therapeutic methods and surgical methods, and then a correction.

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