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Modern diagnosis of uterine fibroids

Современная диагностика миомы матки.Diagnosis of any disease begins with history taking. It includes, first of all complaints, which expresses itself by the patient. If you suspect uterine fibroids, the doctor is required to clarify the points that relate to the possible presence of close relatives suffering from the same disease (in many cases it is hereditary in nature).

In addition, necessarily takes into account all gynecological interventions conducted with diagnostic or therapeutic purposes (including abortion). As risk factors are also considered:
  • disorders of hormonal balance in the body;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • various pathologies associated with the process of blood;
  • infectious diseases of sexual sphere, etc.

Because uterine fibroids affect the course of menstruation, the worker must pay attention to aspects such as its duration, regularity, mobility, etc.

Objective research methods

The data mentioned above, come from the patient, and therefore need to be checked. For this purpose, using an external inspection. So, paleness of mucous and skin may indicate anemia, which develops due to heavy blood loss (it is often found in the uterus).
Discover a large nodes allows palpation of the suprapubic region, and smaller tumors – bimanual vaginal examination. At the same time, both methods cannot be considered reliable enough: even if palpation of the signs are missing, this does not mean that the patient is healthy.
In connection with this mandatory requirement is to conduct an ultrasound scan. This method is used to visualize the tumor, which helps to better estimate its size, position, shape and other diagnostically important features. It also allows you to study the internal structure of the fibroids.
In the latter case, often using a different method, known as magnetic resonance imaging. It gives more accurate data, whereby it becomes possible differential diagnosis of uterine fibroids (similar clinical picture can give and other neoplasms, including adenomyosis).
Also used a number of additional diagnostic procedures based on the use of ultrasound (Doppler, three-dimensional echography, etc). They allow to study the characteristics of blood flow inside the myomatous site to evaluate the condition of the endometrium, and so on an Important role also plays a blood hemoglobin level, hematocrit, indicators of clotting.

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