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Modern hair removal

Almost every second woman is struggling with the same problem as the vegetation on the body. Initially, the nature invented it in order to protect our skin. By the standards of the modern world – it’s not aesthetically pleasing looks, and therefore women tend to perfect smoothness and beauty. In cosmetology, there are a large number of depilation. Some of them we consider, and you will be able to find the perfect hair removal.
Chocolate hair. Many women pay for this type of hair removal, as in the title includes the word “chocolate”, but this is not the case. Hair removal is done using chocolate wax, but not the chocolate. It is almost similar to waxing, but there are differences. Chocolate hair removal is perfect for delicate areas of the body and sensitive skin. As it is typical to use on dry skin.
The composition of the chocolate wax includes vitamins, chemicals that do not cause allergies. For example, cocoa butter and almond, tone, nourish, enrich the skin with useful elements, soften.
There are differences from waxing. First of all, the wizard using a special tonic degreases the skin. If there is hair removal in delicate areas, then put granulated wax, and other parts of the body epidermisa cartridges that contain chocolate wax. After epilation applied to the skin tonic, which allows you to remove the wax residue and has a soothing effect.
As with all depilation not be performed if you have diabetes, the individual is not tolerated, ulcers on the skin.
The next type of hair removal wax hair removal. It is a modern cosmetic procedure that is popular with the beautiful half of humanity and helps to get rid of excess hair on the body. This type of hair removal can be done both at home and in the salon environment. First of all, should be carried out disinfection epilinum area and hands. This can be done by using antibacterial gel, alcohol-containing substances or sterillium. For hair removal use several types of wax: warm, cold, hot. It all depends on what type of hair and skin, but whichever you chose a wax epilation result will be the same – your skin will stay smooth for a long time.
Cold wax is not used for hair removal facial areas, underarms and bikini, as occur during the procedure and pain. Hot wax can many times be used, even if it saves you money, but hygiene is at a low level. But hot wax is contraindicated for people with sensitive skin and varicose veins. Perfect – warm wax. It is used only once, odorless, hygienic. It heated up to 40 or 30 degrees, put on the skin, then after a few minutes against the hair growth abruptly removed.
Besides the fact that you can get rid of unwanted hairs, but you can rejuvenate the skin, as the wax removes dead cells. If the regular use of wax depilation, then over time the hair grows weaker and less. Between treatments wax you cannot use the razor or electroepilation.
Sugaring (hair removal sugar). Plus, this hair removal that consists of only natural ingredients – sugar, water and sometimes IOC lemon. The paste is heated to a high temperature, so there are no allergic reactions and irritation. Using hair removal on the basis of sugar you can delete any length hair. This is possible not all depilation. Sugar paste acts on the skin as a mild peeling, since it removes top dead layer of the skin. During epilation sugar is a kind of massage, as the procedure is performed using manual techniques. Even if you first decided to use this procedure to remove the hair, it can not survive, because it has virtually no pain. If you compare wax and sugar hair removal, sugar much better than wax.
Use a modern method of hair removal prices hair removal is now available to everyone, leave the usual methods (shaving, epilator). Give your feet and not just, perfect and smooth appearance. But before you choose any type of hair removal it is necessary to consult with dermatologists. In order to know what type of procedure will be suitable for your skin.

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