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Modern rejuvenation without plastic: Lifting

Современное омоложение без пластики: РадиолифтингThe cosmetology industry is quickly progressing and developing. As the demand is great in maintaining youthful – it can confirm any specialist in the field of cosmetology. The latest innovation is lifting. This procedure can easily compete with plastic surgery. Since lifting a large enough range of problem-solving. The basis of this method lies wave radiation. At the moment this procedure is able to solve many problems that are associated with aging.
Everyone knows that the more the age, less collagen is produced. Consequently, the skin loses its elasticity, appears laxity and wrinkles.
Electromagnetic high frequency waves are able to warm up the skin and at the distance of feeding them energy. As a result of such exposure, the collagen fibers are compacted. You receive the tightening effect of the skin. Then later, wrinkles are smoothed, facial contours are improved, rejuvenation and increases elasticity.
Such a procedure tend to hold on any part of the body. For example: neck, upper chest, thighs, stomach, face. Will remove sagging, stretch marks, increase elasticity and reduce the amount. This session is done without anesthesia, as it is not traumatic. This procedure is an excellent replacement for plastics, as after the procedure disorders of the eye shape, face shape, etc. of Rehabilitation after no lifting.
But it’s worth noting that there are minor contraindications!
Is strictly prohibited during pregnancy and lactation, the presence of herpes in the field of work, a pacemaker or wound on the surface of the treated skin. This procedure can be done at any time of the year.
How happens this lifting?
Specialized apparatus operates on the basis of radio wave exposure for defective or problematic area of the skin. Heating the layer of skin – dermis. This heating promotes the stimulation of the natural mechanisms, which tend to produce collagen.
Современное омоложение без пластики: РадиолифтингWhat effect can I expect?
The effect persists for a long time. For example, from several months to several years. It is worth noting that the lower the age of the patient, the greater the effect to persist. The result is visible, it is worth to spend a few sessions.
Today is a modern rejuvenation without surgery. It should be noted that it is effective. Use this method and give your skin a second youth!

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