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Myths about healthy lifestyles

Мифы о здоровом образе жизниOne myth is that a healthy diet has never hurt. Many people mistakenly compare a healthy diet with the diet, however, are two different things. A maniacal idea to use in food only healthy foods can lead to nutritional disorders and diseases, such as bulimia or anorexia.
If you need to quickly lose weight before a vacation on a few pounds, and time for gym you have, then here is all good. But, if you constantly spend more money, buy only products from organic, adhere to, theories of consumption of raw food or sit on a conventional buckwheat is not a certain time, and in continuous mode, good for your body rather dubious.
Nutrition is very important, it is not necessary to show every fanaticism. Anyway, the extra manic, in any case, never up to no good resulted. Not only that, because of the diet you are forcing yourself to constantly monitor, yet you refuse the mass of nutrients that are found in many foods. Another myth is multivitamin is a unique key to the health of a person. One of the great discoveries of the twenty-first century is the definition of ” in every man’s life the role of minerals and vitamins. Terrible disease has long ceased to terrify the tens of thousands of people: scurvy, which killed thousands of people came before the vitamin C that rickets was treated with vitamin D and graves ‘ disease were cured in the usual iodine.
The idea to combine all the useful vitamins in one pill, quickly found a place for existence, but then started to happen pretty strange things. It turns out that large doses of carotene significantly increase in smokers the risk of lung cancer, what popular excess vitamin C is converted into a malignant tumor, in direct contact with a person with different chemical elements, and when a high content of vitamin E in the body, it is possible to quite simply earn a heart attack.
Tips that can give professionals, quite blurred: there is no clear reason to throw regular intake of multivitamines, but even so, not, which should be taken once daily. If properly balanced, we all need vitamins and minerals you will get from food.

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