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Natural remedies for lowering cholesterol

Природные средства для понижения холестеринаGreat news for people who are worried for the content of cholesterol in their blood: there are wonderful products to optimize cholesterol, absent of any negative effects.
There are many products that normalize cholesterol. Some can increase the amount of good cholesterol by reducing the content of harmful. There are products that block the absorption of fats, promoting the production of bile acids, which increases the consumption of cholesterol by the body. All this without additional side effects.
Apples. Apples are formed pectin, which stimulates the production of bile acids by cholesterol. Test subjects that were administered the substance on the basis of pectin, and a half or two months showed a decrease in the concentration of harmful cholesterol up to 30%. The concentration of good cholesterol increased.
Peas. Like most legumes, the plant contains substances saponins. Saponins are transforming cholesterol molecules in the insoluble elements not processed by the body. It also stimulates liver function.
Ginger. This plant contains gingerol connection accelerating the decomposition of cholesterol. Optimum norm of ginger – 2 grams daily.
Garlic. Alliin is an active component of garlic – binds enzymes, which are active in the production of cholesterol. However, it reduces the concentration of good cholesterol.
Oolong. This green tea interferes with the absorption of fat due to the saponin contained in tea tannins. Daily intake of 4 cups of this drink lowers the concentration of harmful cholesterol.
The seed of flax. Three months consumption three teaspoons of flax seeds every day lowers cholesterol by up to 10%. However, seeds are only so men.
Psyllium bosny. Its seeds are rich in substances that block the bile acids, decreasing by 15% cholesterol. However, seeds may cause Allergy. The product dose of 20 grams daily.
Nuts are also perfectly regulate cholesterol.
Bitter chocolate. Lowers the suffering from diabetes useful cholesterol.
Of vegetable oil. Phytosterols contained in the oil to lower cholesterol.

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