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New methods of dealing with the flu

новые методы борьбы с гриппомWinter is not only a long period of holidays, snow and building on the pedestal of new hopes, but also an endless stream of patients with SARS and the waves of mutating influenza viruses. Vaccination is becoming almost mandatory preventive measure to counter the disease, however, the media are full of horrific stories about the effects of vaccinations and their various side effects. One of the first factors that affect the reluctance of people to be vaccinated, is an extreme soreness of the injection, rapidly rising temperature and the total inability of the organism to cope with entering the body the virus.
Korean scientists in December 2013 announced the release of new antiinfluenza vaccine, which no longer need to enter the subcutaneous route. Oral development deprives the patient of pain and significantly expands the range of its impact. For example, the standard vaccine was not able to stimulate protective function of the respiratory tract, and oral vaccination includes such a possibility.
The antigen of the influenza matrix protein M2 is able not only to help the body fight various modifications of the virus, but also to protect from a number of other acute diseases of viral nature. Selected protein causes the immune system to make a response to the entering blood antigens many times faster than standard subcutaneous vaccination. A series of experiments in rodents have shown that M2 may in the future supersede versions vaccination vaccination and type of oral vaccination as an innovative approach within the most safe and painless protect organisms before exposure to the virus.
In addition to oral vaccine introduction, there is also the option of her nasal administration into the body. Spray will contain significantly weakened influenza virus, which will quickly penetrate into the bloodstream through the mucous.

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