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No one has canceled the beauty and youth: Russian filament youth

Никто еще не отменял красоту и молодость: Русские нити молодостиEarlier signs of aging (sagging and swollen face contour) can be cured with the help of plastic surgery – facelift. Dr. Sulamanidze proposed new technology for rejuvenation. He first thought of using threads for tightening the contour of the face, nasolabial folds and cheeks. This procedure filaments suitable for those who are early to go to a plastic surgeon. This thread who have nicks and kinks.

It’s important that the method of such yarns non-traumatic and quite effective. Under local anesthesia within the hour operation takes place for rejuvenation. You don’t need to be in the hospital or sick at home, you can immediately go about their daily chores.

What is the technique of the Russian thread?

First of all, carefully inspect the skin and mark it with a felt pen the required work area. The doctor produces disinfection of the working area of the skin. Using xylocaine produce local anesthesia. After a few minutes you can start the procedure for rejuvenation. In marked area is placed 3-6 Polenova gear threads under the skin, which in length are 5-10 cm. The thread is administered using a special needle that leaves behind no traces. Then the needle is removed and the threads using teeth fixed. Occurs the result is firmer skin. After fibrosis occurs around the filaments and fabrics persons receive support inside.

Никто еще не отменял красоту и молодость: Русские нити молодостиAs with any procedure, and the operation can be some complications. May in some cases arise swelling and small bruises. If there is a need to delete threads, they are immediately removed. After the procedure, the result is visible immediately on the face. The result can last up to five years. Be always young and attractive. And always pick up a procedure or operation that will fit you, and will not have any negative consequences.

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