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No time for the procedure? Use The Biolifting!

Нет времени на процедуры? Используйте Биолифтинг!There are many occasions (birthday, holidays, meetings), when women pay great attention to the condition of the skin. They tend to look much better, presentable and attractive.

We will talk about how to get Express lifting. That is, to keep your skin clean, toned, healthy, rejuvenated. But not every woman can make time for long term treatments and therapies for rejuvenation. Texture, tone, colour and the presence of wrinkles talking about moisture, redundancy and integrity of the stratum corneum.

Bio lifting is to apply anti-oxidant and moisturizing serum that has the instant effect lifting.

The serum comes with a variety of ingredients that can help to tighten the face and rejuvenate your skin for a short time. Elastin and collagen firms and tones the skin. Vitamin C has an antioxidant effect and lightens dark spots. Linolenic and linoleic acid are a source of vitamin F. the Extract of Mimosa – produces stimulation of collagen synthesis. Hydroxyproline, Proline and the amino acid glycine – substances that help the synthesis of elastin and collagen.

Also common to use the biolifting for the prevention of fine lines and wrinkles. Such multicomponent serum will help you relieve fatigue, will give the skin radiance and elasticity.

Нет времени на процедуры? Используйте Биолифтинг!What to expect the result?

Is the lifting of instant action. Brighten couple of tones of the face and age spots. The evens skin tone and improves complexion. Fine lines are smoothed out and become almost invisible.

This method of rejuvenation is suitable for all existing skin. The procedure only takes you half an hour of your time.

After the first session you will notice changes in the skin. It becomes well-groomed, toned and smooth. The more procedures, the more noticeable the effect. You will need several procedures biolifting to outshine all its beauty at the festival.

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