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On the benefits of massage

Today most people know about massage. However, only 27% of patients suffering from spine problems, use therapeutic massage for healing or investment of painful symptoms. Thus 85% of patients using massage, I assure that these treatments have significantly improved health. It is obvious that the majority of patients does not consider massage as an effective medical procedure.
The majority of the population knows only part of the data on the effects of massage on the human body – the physical impact. Indeed, in the process of massaging pounded and warm up the body tissues, improves blood circulation, lymph movement, updated cells of the body. Massage removes stagnant existence in bodies, accelerates metabolism, improves oxygen supply to the skin.
Another important component of therapeutic massage is usually known only to specialists. This is a beneficial humoral reflex influence. Massage demonstrate a positive effect on the nervous system of patients, both autonomic and Central. Massage treatments irritate receptors in the skin and internal organs. The received pulses are propagated through the nervous system to the brain. There is a reaction, which determines the mode of functioning of the body.
Accordingly, through the procedure, you can control the functioning of organs. Performing certain massage techniques, you can get a completely predictable reaction. With the right approach, the effect will be favourable.
A massage also stimulates the formation and secretion into the bloodstream of specific bioactive substances and hormones that control of the reaction vessels, the transmission of impulses in the nervous system, and other processes.
All this proves that massage allows you to use our “backup kit”. Procedure to restore the health of the body without medication, using internal reserves.

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