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One method of combating wrinkles

Один из методов борьбы с морщинамиThe appearance of first wrinkles observed in 25-30 years of age. They are not too pronounced, so easily smoothed with advances in modern medicine. But over time it becomes more and more appreciable. Unlike men, women don’t want to put up with the effects of aging and, knowing this, the cosmetic companies are working hard on this problem.

Not every women is acceptable cosmetic facelift and not all cream wrinkles as we would like. But there is a “Golden mean, which is able to satisfy the desire of women to be always beautiful and young is Botox injections.
A bit of history
Actually, Botox was developed for the treatment of strabismus, but he later showed an unexpected side effect, which immediately jumped beauticians, stating that wrinkles is not a problem. Every person throughout life experiences different emotions reflected on his face to mimic wrinkles from laughing, from sadness, from thought, from anger. The more frequently a person uses facial muscles, the more they are in tension, the deeper become wrinkles. After the injection of Botox, the muscles relax and the wrinkles disappear. This method of rejuvenation received special recognition in the environment of actors, politicians and businessmen and look at us from TV screens beautiful timeless face.
To start the process on the advice of the specialists you need, when wrinkles have only begun to manifest, but not earlier than 25 years. After undergoing plastic surgery in the future do not need it. Botox is applicable to women of any age and thirty and fifty years. It could not be used, the muscles do not lose their mobility, and thus preserves the natural facial expressions inherent in every person.
A positive result can be seen on the eighth day after the injection of Botox, and after several treatments in the course of the year the person becomes smooth and stays that way for many years.
Who should not
There are some contraindications to the use of the drug Botox is a pregnancy, low blood clotting, allergic to the drug and myasthenia gravis.
Almost 98% of women can fearlessly go to beauty salons, where do Botox injections, this drug does not have a negative impact even on children.
The ratio of men to injections of youth
Mainly to the beauty injections use women, but according to latest statistics men desire to find a new youth catching up women at a heightened pace. And as women, plastic surgery prefer to work yourself Botox.
Americans believe that making a shot and becoming young and sexy, increases the interest of the opposite sex, and employers pleasure to look at them – young and beautiful staff.
Today, Botox successfully replaced a long and laborious process of skin care of the face, with all the efforts are rarely satisfied with their result. For many women, and now men the road to beauty and youth has become much easier thanks to Botox.

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