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ОстеопорозThe term “osteoporosis” medical language means “porous bones”. And you can guess what this disease means to humans. And it is more fragile and thin bones that are prone to fractures and damage.

This disease is common in people who have reached the age of bar “60”, as well as in women during menopause. Exactly osteoporosis is the cause of most fractures in the elderly. To diagnose this problem using bone densitometry and x-rays. Densitometry can be as ultrasonic and x-ray.
By the way, x-ray densitometry is the best way to diagnose osteoporosis. In this case, it is a safe and painless method. In addition to identifying the disease, this technology helps to identify the most fragile areas of the bones with a low density, i.e., where the fracture may occur with the highest probability.
The main reason for the development of this disease is age. With age there is a decrease in bone density, and hence their strength. And it is quite normal changes. But in some cases changes occur earlier and developed more intensively. In this case you need medical intervention.
And there are external factors that one way or another, affect the occurrence of osteoporosis. They can be divided into constant and those which may be corrected by the person or physicians. So, for factors that are immutable, include:
– Congenital thin and weak bones.
– Female. Women are more likely to suffer from this illness.
– Heredity.
To those factors that can be changed include:
– Lack of vitamin D and calcium.
– Administration of certain drugs, such as corticosteroids.
– Excessive use of alcohol, Smoking and other bad habits.
– Sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle.
Also you should know the symptoms of osteoporosis. In overwhelming majority of cases, as there are no symptoms, but sometimes this disease can manifest as growth reduction, back pain, spinal deformities and stooped posture.
As complications usually present the following symptoms:
– Difficulty in movement.
– Externally visible physical defects.
– Regular fractures, which in the vast majority of cases badly and for a long time to heal.

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