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Our good habits

Наши полезные привычкиTime is never enough, especially if you want to engage in their own health, to accustom your body to useful habits.
For the acquisition of healthy habits you need to competently plan your own day. To begin to better health right now, you need to follow some rules, which generally will not take extra time, and sometimes give you the opportunity to save it.
1. Be sure to drink enough water during the day. This was repeatedly mentioned and this is extremely important. Water is essential to our body. She is well on the skin, digestion, normalizes weight, protects against cellulite. Often the lack of energy is a consequence of dehydration. Always keep near a bottle of water and drink.
2. Reduce the intake of coffee, soda. Caffeine, sugar, cause thirst, dry up the body. The best way to drink green tea, natural juices.
3. Reduce the amount of consumed sugar. It promotes weight loss, decreases the amount of calories.
4. If you want to eat – choose healthy snacks. Nuts, dried fruit, yogurt, cheese. It would be beneficial for your figure and health.
5. Make a weekly menu. It will take twenty minutes, but will save time and money when purchasing in the store.
6. Let’s make lunch for work the night before. It will save a lot of time in the morning.
7. Cook for a few times. Will always have healthy food, and will not need to resort to snacking quick.
8. Stick to the 80/20 principle. If you cannot eat 100% healthy food, give yourself some slack. Try to keep the menu included more than 80% of useful products, then the remaining 20% can be treated easily.
9. Do sports. Optimal mode – three times a week for 40 minutes.
10. Walk at least twenty minutes daily.
11. Hiking increase the tone and overall health.
12. Sleep. Lack of sleep weakens the body, weakens the immune system.
Start today to live by those rules. After all the time they require quite a bit.

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