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Painless and effective cleansing: PSM

Безболезненная и эффективная чистка лица: УЗПEvery modern person who cares about her appearance knows that the facial treatment begins with proper cleansing. But it all depends on the skin type of your face, but if you have a normal skin type, you can use easily cleanable. For example, use a tool with cleaning.
If you have problem skin or you are the owner of oily or dry skin, you most likely will not fit easy cleaning of the face. Cosmetologists believe that with these types of skin is best to use a deep cleaning of the face, namely chemical peels.
Such a procedure tend to cleanse the skin from acne, remove dead skin cells, removal of surface contaminants, stimulation of metabolic processes that contribute to the health and beauty of your face.
As with all field, cosmetology also not in place, and actively developed. Today you can take advantage of cosmetic procedure – ultrasonic peeling. This is a very safe and painless facial cleansing that can be applied regardless of the color and skin type. After this procedure, rest is recommended.
Description cosmetic procedures.
This procedure is common to use when: there are wrinkles, the manifestation of premature aging, acne, dark spots. PSM is a modern method of elimination and correction of defects of the skin, and is a non-surgical procedure.

Безболезненная и эффективная чистка лица: УЗПWhat stages of PSM will be waiting in the cabin?
First of all, there is a stage of purification of the upper layer of the epidermis (this is done using hydrogenating R-R, i.e. it helps to weaken the link between healthy and dead skin cells). After this procedure, beautician affects the skin using ultrasound (scrubber and an ultrasound machine, they can be used to clean the skin from dead cells)
In addition to this, there is a cleansing effect on healthy cells by using a hydrogenating R-RA. That is, the skin is stimulated and massaged with the help of ultrasonic waves whose frequency is approximately 30,000 vibrations per second.
In principle, after this procedure the skin does not require special care, but if you want to maintain a healthy and radiant looking skin, then you should use cosmetic products that are able to nourish and moisturize the skin.
In any salon you will be able to offer after this type of peeling ultrasonic cleaning. With the help of an ultrasound machine in the cells of your skin will be delivered by appointment of nutrients.
Such a procedure tend to make at home using a household apparatus ultrasound.
So, what you can expect the result?
This procedure will take away your time about 40 minutes, but the result is worth the time spent. Apart from the fact that the skin gets a cathartic effect, but also has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant action.
The result of the procedure you will be able to see after the first treatment, you will feel the skin begins to breathe. Eliminating acne, intensive oxygen supply of cells, increasing elasticity, restoring the shape of the face is the main indicators of this peeling.
Dignity PSM.
The main and indisputable advantage of this peeling is no period of rehabilitation in comparison t other cosmetic procedures. This procedure is perfectly suited for owners with sensitive skin, while exfoliating chemicals are not used. And most importantly, the course is only one procedure, as the appearance of the course. Another main advantage that the procedure is painless.

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