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Pearls and health

Жемчуг и здоровьеAncient people used the pearls to get rid of many diseases, healing properties of pearls has been verified by doctors.
It is believed that pearls have a very beneficial effect on blood vessels and heart, if you hold it in your mouth, it refreshes, soothes pain, preserves youth and beauty, improves the immune system, increases sexual activity. Ancient wealthy people preferred to drink wine from a glass or Cup in which lies the pearl – they believed that in this way protect themselves from the poisons.
The pearls used for the treatment of mental disorders, as argued by many doctors, he is able to protect from evil spirits and prolong life.
Powdered pearls girls bleached faces, and the stones always wore around his neck to stay young and beautiful. It was also believed that wearing pearls on her neck drove in family life and love.
Pearls are popular now, for example, in Japanese pharmacies to buy unique calcium complex, which is composed of pearls. Stones that are not suitable for the quality jewelers in Asia are used to prepare various medicines. Very popular masks and creams with pearl extract that greatly rejuvenate and tighten Mature skin.
The development of modern science has allowed to grow cultured pearls, not particularly, as it is created in nature and retains all its natural properties, including cosmetic and therapeutic.
In Eastern medicine pearls recommended as a mineral Supplement for people who want to preserve their youth, to reduce the weight, increase the acidity of gastric juice, to calm your nerves and improve liver function.
Treatment will be even water, in which the night had lain a few small pearls.

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