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Peeling based on enzymes

Пилинг на основе ферментовThe peel is also called soft peeling, as it is superficially. Enzyme peel can be used on the face. It is used if there is pigmentation, oily skin, the after effects of acne. This peeling can be applied even on dark skin, unlike laser and chemical peels.
How is this peeling?
It is created on the basis of enzymes (enzymes). Enzymes and active substances of biological origin that are able to stimulate in the human body processes. Even some of them can be applied in cosmetic field.
The best choice is peeling, which contains a combination of drugs with the content of retinol acid and enzymes. In the process of keratinized and dead pieces of skin are removed using a weak R-RA fruit acids. This acid kiwi, aloe Vera, papaya, pineapple, orange, wheat, sugar cane, grapes.
The advantages of soft scrub!
The main thing is that it promotes the cell renewal process of the skin. The result will be on the face, body toning, no roughness, healthy look. But it is worth remembering that this peeling is not able to remove the scars and deep wrinkles. This peeling can be done often – 2 times a week. If dry skin, once a week, oily skin – twice as often.
Пилинг на основе ферментовContraindications!
If you rich acne and sensitive skin type, then you cannot do enzyme peel. This acute phase of chronic dermatitis, photodermatitis, contact, or allergic reactions to drugs, which are used in the process.
Cons enzyme peel!
You can’t abuse this form of peeling, because the effect may occur quite the opposite, your appearance will be worse than before the treatments. Pay no attention to the fact that the peeling itself is soft. It can exacerbate acne, complications of allergic and seborrheic dermatitis.
Since peeling is able to act only on the skin surface, it is possible to use the sludge in order to improve skin color, to freshen and lightly clean the skin. If you have virtually no skin problems, you can as prevention of aging to apply this type of peeling.

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