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Peeling gemstone

Пилинг драгоценным камнемThis type of peel is perfect for people with active life, because diamond peeling does not require a period of rehabilitation, painless and delicate procedure.

No-crystal HPI and innovative microdermabrasion system that combines vacuum cleaning and polishing diamonds with laser cutting.

After such an unusual procedure, there is no effect of peeling and redness. After the first treatment you will notice changes in the skin structure. Your skin will feel silky, soft and smooth. Markedly reduced the severity and depth of wrinkles.

Dignity diamond peeling.

Hypoallergenic and safe cosmetic procedure, which tend not to cause irritation of the skin, as there is no aluminum oxide and the crystalline residue. There are about 10 nozzles with dusting of this diamond. These nozzles are different from each other diameters, shapes and grain size, the level of vacuum pressure. This will allow you to adapt to different skin types and to control the polishing process. Resurfacing can be used on different areas of the face and not only. For example, neck, neckline, around the eyes and mouth, the nose, nasolabial folds. Designed for action, not only on the face but also the body (problem skin, oily skin, pigmentation, keratosis, atonic skin, scars, ingrown hairs, goose pimples, acne). During the peeling removes dead skin cells. After regeneration and stimulation of the production of hyaluronic acid, elastin and collagen. It can make the skin more elastic, fresh and supple. Since diamond is the hardest substance, he is able to cope with dead skin cells, and vacuum cleaning easily opens the pores of the skin and removes impurities.

Are there any contraindications?

Peeling should not be used if the skin there are various inflammatory and infectious action on the skin. If before the procedure in the work area on the skin found Golikova rash, you should go through a correction, and then you can start peeling. If violated, the process of pigmentation of the skin, diamond peeling can trigger the process of deterioration. Contraindications do the procedure in lactation and pregnancy, tuberculosis, disorders with blood clotting, kidney and cardiovascular system, vascular spiders, dermatosis in the acute stage, ultra-sensitive skin.

And for sensitive skin and those with allergies in a variety of cosmetic preparations, such peeling is perfectly suitable for cleaning, as this method is Allergy-free and sterile.

Пилинг драгоценным камнемHow is the procedure?

Microscopic diamond crystals tend to carefully remove the top layer of dead skin epithelium, stimulating micro-circulation, open the pores, smooths scars that make the skin silky and smooth, there is a natural growth of new cells. Simultaneously, the vacuum removes impurities and comedones, your skin breathes.

After peeling better applied to the area of collagen, nutrients or algae mask.

The procedure on average can take more than half an hour. The result is obvious and persistent can be seen after a course of 4 to 15 procedures. The course may be repeated every six months. After peeling should refrain from sunbathing, cosmetic procedures that can cause flaking and dryness of the skin.


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