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Photosensitizers and ultraviolet combine together

Фотосенсибилизаторы и ультрафиолет сочетаем вместеThe course of light treatment combines the effects on the skin soft UVD and medicinal substances. UVD is analogous to artificial sunlight of nature, whose length is reaches 250-330 nm.

This type of light therapy is used to treat blemishes and skin irregularities. For example, psoriasis, pigmentation, different types of dermatitis. Many of these diseases are chronic stage, therefore, to the end they are almost impossible to cure. But if used for treatment PUVA therapy, it is possible to get rid of rashes and spots.

For PUVA use of medicinal components. For example, psoralen, beroksan, pevalin, ammifurin, etc., They act on the skin only during the application of ultraviolet light, they tend to produce the stimulation of melanin. Also present restorative function, namely restores pigmentation of the skin.

Drugs or photosensitizers for a couple of hours before the procedure the patient is taking with milk inside. Then the areas that need treatment, irradiated with ultraviolet light for several minutes. The procedure takes place in a special Cabinet. And to treat the scalp and stop using the portable device.

Besides the fact that drug can be taken internally and externally, there is a bath where photosensitizers are also present. 15 minutes in the bath and you will have the same effect as oral administration. Baths tend to use for the treatment of hands and feet.

Фотосенсибилизаторы и ультрафиолет сочетаем вместеPUVA therapy is painless and comfortable. After a couple of days you can see redness mild, but after a week you can see a nice tan. The result can be seen after a few treatments such therapy. Improves the skin’s appearance, disappears itching and peeling, there is a restoration of pigmentation. The therapy consists of 10-30 procedures. Carried out once in three days. With each light treatment the duration of ultraviolet light increases.

The effect persists for up to several years. If necessary, you can repeat the course of therapy. Well, if you have achieved the desired result of the treatment, you can go to support outcome to therapy.

What are the indications for the use of PUVA therapy?

This light therapy can help you solve problems such as eczema, psoriasis (plaque, guttate), seborrhea, vitiligo, pigmentation.

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