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ПирсингPiercing is popular in today’s day decoration, the essence of which is to puncture a specific area on the body and inserted into the puncture site specific ornaments of different kinds. The term “Piercing” is derived from the English word “piercing”, which means literally “to cut” or “to pierce”.

In modern society most often carry out the piercing of the nose, ears, eyebrows, is the tongue piercing, navel, lips and other body parts. In place of puncture insert as traditional earrings, and original decoration, which have a different appearance.
It should be recalled that the history of these phenomena began not with twenty or thirty years ago by the ancient inhabitants of the African continent was engaged in the perforation of the limbs and insert there the most different decorative elements. There was a piercing in Ancient Egypt themselves pharaohs indulge yourself with similar decoration. And there is historical evidence. So, on the many masks of pharaohs have punctures in the area of the lobes. Also had piercings navel, which was called “ring kings” – was made similar improvements Queens, kings and ordinary priests.
In Ancient Rome, a similar tradition existed not only among the nobility, but also among ordinary soldiers-Legionnaires. They were struck various parts of the body, particularly the nipples, put down rings, and the rings to wear cloaks thus, tempered character and instilled immunity to pain.
For centuries it was possible to meet the piercing on different continents and in different countries. Popular he was not only because he was allowed to adorn themselves in an original way. Many people considered such decoration profitable investment, which is “always with you”.
Today, body piercing is considered the most real expression of creativity, individuality and other similar qualities. In General, the goals of those who make the piercing may be the weight.
It is noteworthy that such decoration can do it all – from young age to old age. Of course, babies of similar decoration to anything, but with three or four years without any consequences in the future, you can decorate a child in a similar decoration.
About recommendations – use the services only certified experts and perform operations only clean tools, otherwise there is a great chance that you get an infection or other disease. Be vigilant.

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