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ПневмопунктураPneumopuncture is a relatively new technique that is used in cosmetic and specialist medicine. Injection of carbon dioxide is not harmful to human body, and with proper use and dosage can lead to the rejuvenation of cells, the disappearance of cellulite, draining effect, etc. in addition, the introduction of CO2 subcutaneously and directly into the skin and other soft tissue is used in neurosurgery and cardiology.
Getting into our bodies from the outside, the injection of carbon dioxide performs the function of a catalyst of all life-supporting processes. A special success of this method is in the field of corrective plastic surgery, not involving surgery. If You prevent dark circles under the eyes or the skin of the neck was too loose, enough for three to twelve injections in order to get rid of unwanted flaws appearance.
Experts assure that the side effects from injections of CO2 is minimal and can manifest in a small tissue swelling or burning of the epidermis (of course, if the injection was used for cosmetic purposes). In order to avoid inflammation only it is recommended to avoid bathing within six hours after the injection. The injection can be done using a microneedle and taken from a special apparatus sterile CO2, or using carboxymethyl-gun, which is directly attached to the machine.
Entertaining, but the methods of pneumonectomy, yourself, have a long tradition and are used in European countries officially since the 1930-ies, although the evidence suggests that this practice has more than a hundred years. For the application of CO2 injection virtually no contraindications, except in acute inflammatory processes in the zone of injection or pregnancy, although the latter factor is attributed as a contraindication in ninety-two percent of all medical, even cosmetically

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